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The Dream Machine - open BETA

2010-05-21 06:59:07 by struma

Hey guys!

We are running an open BETA for our new game The Dream Machine. Pop round here if you want to try it out. It's all kinds of good.


- a

The Dream Machine - open BETA


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2010-05-22 03:47:52



2010-07-16 21:19:00

thanks for selling out, was really looking forward to this for a long time, now that its gonna cost cash? forget it


2010-07-23 03:17:08

you'r games are great only when they are free


2010-08-05 18:54:25

This game is amazing! The clay and cardboard medium is very cool. Somehow it adds to the creepy/dream-like feeling.
I can understand why you will be selling this game and not making it completely free. Don't let haters get you down!
I look forward to the next chapter, and I'm hoping I can purchase it. (But I don't have a credit card or paypal... D: what will the payment options be?)

struma responds:

We're probably be going with PayPal at first and then add options as we go.

And for all the haters, a large chunk of the game will be free, so everybody can get a chance to play it.


2010-09-28 23:46:27

I wanna play the whole thing, it seems SO cool! I'm excited!


2010-10-10 14:13:36



2010-12-15 01:59:25

I've just finished chapter 1 and must say, even though the production is the best I have ever seen in a puzzle game, or a flash game for that matter, the part that got me the most was the puzzle solving where you had to tinker around with that mysterious device. As interesting as the story is, I hope the puzzles don't end up taking a back seat to the exposition. I will be buying chapter 2 soon!


2011-05-22 20:38:25

Dude, I was playing the game right? And suddenly, I got booted out of the game. It had a little '!' sign, and when I refreshed the game, it was a black screen.

struma responds:

That's a weird Flash bug that I can't do much about. Load the autosave to get back to where you were.